Termine - events - événements

Alle Termine ohne Gewähr.

Besonderes / Special Events

Weltrohkosttag: Potluck-Picknick: Juni 2017

Regelmäßige Spiele-Treffen / Regular Game Meet-ups

im Sommer:

Spielen & Veggie-Picknick (Potluck) - Games & Veggie picnic (potluck)

an einem sonnigen Dienstag oder Freitag - ca. 4-5 Tage vorher angekündigt

on a sunny Tuesday or Friday                        - announced about 4-5 days in advance

ab 16 Uhr   -   AC-Wiese (Uni-Campus)                        - einfach vorbeikommen - gerne veganes Essen mitbringen

from 4pm   -   lawn in front of AC café (uni campus)    - just drop by                      - feel free to bring some vegan food


im Herbst, Winter & Frühjahr:

(Pizza-)Brot & Spiele  -   (Pizza) Bread & Games

an einem Donnerstag im Monat       -   ab 18 Uhr   -   Canossa (Uni-Campus)   - einfach vorbeikommen

on one Thursday per month               -   from 6pm   -   Canossa (uni campus)     - just drop by


We have chosen Mondays for this term´s game evenings. Why is that? Well, Mondays proved popular with many in the last winter term and are timetablewise more relaxing for our team members this term. We hope that you can be on board (games) too, because: playing games - a perfectly relaxing way to start the week!

  • Montag, 23.10.2017
  • Montag, 20.11.2017
  • Montag, 18.12.2017